In addition to full turn-key engine packages, we are able to provide the customer direct access to individual services as required. For example, this may involve us returning a customer supplied block which has been fully prepared, cleaned, had liners fitted, been bored, honed (complete with balanced rotating assembly) and is ready to build.

Preparation & cleaning

Our in-house multistage cleaning gives the ability to thoroughly clean all internal components as well as bringing used castings back to as new condition. Typically this involves solvent gasket removal and degreasing, masking and dry blasting, vapour cleaning, aqueous pressure cleaning and a final clean in an Agisonic / ultrasonic wash. Our in-house equipment used for this process includes; 2 x solvent washers, 2 x aqueous pressure washers, 1 x dry blast cabient, 1 x vapour blast cabient and 2 x Vixen Agiwash Agisonic / ultrasonic baths.

Reverse engneering & measuring

Component dimensional checking and CNC machining verification using Aberlink software equipped 600mm x 500mm x 500mm CMM and Renishaw probe. This is used in conjunction with a full complement of Mitutoyo micrometers and bore gauges to ensure the total consistency of the product. In addition, it plays a key role in the reverse engineering process used in the the developmement of new products and in the creation of the jigs required to produce them.

CNC boring / machining

By using a combination of the lastest CNC machines, custom tooling and dedicated jigs we can produce the consistency required in a race block. Ensuring the bores are round, straight and perfectly inline with the crankshaft which is essential to the success of any engine build, especially when the installation of liners such as Darton MID's are required.

Dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing of an engine's rotating assemblies is carried out on calibrated high-end Schenck balancing machines. All components are balanced both individually and then as an assembly to ensure both accuracy and 'replaceability'. Con rods are balanced end over end, together with static balancing of pistons and pins to ensure engine stress and vibration is kept to an absolute minimum.    

Engine calibration

Engine calibration and optimisation performed on both engine and chassis dynamometers. Initial engine start up and sensor calibration carried out along with remapping of exisiting setups. We have in-depth knowledge of most aftermarket ECU's, such as EFI, AEM, Motec, Life, DTA, Omex, etc. We can provide base calibrations, software and leads accordingly.         

Diamond honing

Multistage honing to cast iron, aluminium and nickel ceramic cylinder bores using Sunnen CK-10 and CK-21 machines. Bespoke torque plates, multiple stone grades and plateau hone brushes ensure the finished bores are both round and have the correct surface finish for the piston rings used.    

Surface grinding

Large capacity (750mm x 380mm) horizontal surface grinder equipped with a number of bespoke fixings, allowing the successful refacing of both single and mixed metal heads and blocks. In addition, a switchable magnetic bed can be used to re-thickness smaller items, such as valve spring seat bases and shims.  

Flow Testing

Superflow SF600 flowbench and probes for the development and flow testing of cylinder heads and intake systems. Custom made cylinder head mounting table and quick change bore inserts enable us to produce a highly accurate representation of the flow conditions produced with differing engines and bore sizes.