At Clockwise Motion our primary focus is providing Honda K20, K24 and F20 based engines, components and preparation to race teams and individual racers alike. With over 25 years of experience in the motorsport industry we have accumulated a thorough understanding of it's requirements and that of its various categories. So should it be a sports prototype, circuit, rally, autocross or hill climbing engine you can rest assured it will be tailored to meet your specific needs, providing the perfect balance of performance, longevity and cost.          

We offer a genuine ‘one-stop-shop’ capable of handling an engine project from conception to completion. Design, machining, assembly, and tuning is carried out on site allowing total control over all aspects of quality, whilst still remaining flexible to our customer's needs.    

Customers can be supplied components as:

  • A single proven component purchased safe in the knowledge it will have been fitted and tested by us before becoming available to purchase. The vast majority of components are built into engines by ourselves on a daily basis.  
  • An integrated kit of components designed and optimised from the outset to work in harmony with each other. For example our con-rods have finite element analysis carried out on them based on use (NA or forced induction) and piston weight, which in turn dictates the design of the crankshaft used in our stroker kits.   
  • An assembled kit for those wishing to build their own engines but avoid particular tasks. Typically this may be a built short engine with the machining and bearing clearances correctly specified for the application. Without the correct machinery and large selection of graded bearings this relatively basic assembly task can be both time consuming and expensive.
  • A full "turn-key" engine solution for those wanting a direct tried and tested route to their goal. This generally takes the form of a fully built engine supplied, built and tuned by ourselves. 


While it is true a significant proportion of our work is dedicated to Honda based race engines, increasingly we have been asked to re-commissiion and re-engineer high end race engines from other marques. 

This has been especially true in the historic sector where we have used the same expertise, facilities and principles to reproduce and enhance the performance and reliability of a number of engines from yester year. Recent projects have included BTCC group A and Supertourers engines destined to be used in the increasingly popular 80's & 90's historic meets.